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Wisdom Tooth Removal

In Surrey, wisdom tooth extraction is a common and common practise. The procedure is reported to be quite pleasant and poses little risk. 

  • When is the appropriate period of wisdom teeth to be extracted?
  • Wisdom teeth that are coming in crookedly or impacted and causing pain may need to be removed.
  • Lack of Space: Crowding can happen when there isn't enough space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to erupt correctly, which can cause discomfort and other problems.
  • Difficult to Clean: Wisdom teeth that are positioned incorrectly can trap food and make it tough to clean thoroughly, increasing the risk of tooth decay and other oral health problems. 
  • Impacted wisdom teeth must be removed in order to avoid future problems since they are more likely to become infected.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is having your wisdom teeth removed painful? 

Modern dental methods make sure that the treatment is mostly pain-free and that wisdom teeth extraction is typically well-tolerated. The region is numbed with local anaesthesia to keep the patient comfortable throughout the extraction. In some situations, especially for more difficult extractions, sedation or general anaesthesia may be utilised to create a more comfortable experience.

Can a basic dentist take away any wisdom tooth?

A general dentist may usually conduct straightforward wisdom teeth extractions when the tooth is completely erupted and not posing any issues. Oral surgeons could be needed in more complicated situations, such as those with partly or fully erupted wisdom teeth or impacted wisdom teeth.

How long does it take to recuperate from wisdom teeth removal? 

Patients should prepare for some minimal bleeding, edoema, and pain following the extraction. Dentists will provide you post-operative care recommendations, which could include food restrictions and pain management strategies. The majority of patients may return to their regular activities in a few days, although full recovery could take a few weeks.

How much does getting your wisdom teeth out cost?

The difficulty of the extraction, the dentist's professional expertise, and the patient's location can all affect the price of wisdom teeth removal. Simple extractions typically cost less than surgical extractions. It is crucial to have an oral exam and meet with a dentist who can evaluate specific requirements and offer specialised treatment recommendations in order to receive an accurate cost estimate

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