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Our Services


Our Services

A lifetime of dental health begins now

About ​City Parkway Dental

Our main aim is to make you feel completely at ease and satisfied with your smile while also making way for a lifetime of good dental health. Preventative, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry are all areas in which we excel. Get better teeth and gums or a more appealing grin. Our first goal is your comfort and well-being. You can believe in our practice to deliver the best advice and treatment choices for your smile. We are committed to providing you with a pleasant experience and results that you will be glad to flaunt.

We respect each and every patient

With our help, your smile gains natural attractiveness.

Dental Crowns

Defend your teeth from tooth decay with the help of our ideal solution. When cavities carried on by dental decay are too serious to be filled by conventional dental fillings, dental crowns are applied. 

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Dental Implant

Knocked out a tooth? Oral injuries are painful and should be treated in proper manner. Unlike bone, teeth do not grow back when lost. Lost teeth can be replaced and with it, your smile can also be changed.  

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Dental sealant

The technique of applying sealant is simple easy and pain-free.  By "sealing off" plaque and food, sealants guard against tooth disease in all the delicate parts.  Dental sealants prevent cavities 

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Dental fillings are among the most popular procedures available in dentistry. It's crucially important to get cavities—or tiny holes—filled as soon as they start to appear on your teeth. Various types of fillings

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Root Canal Treatment

Many dental problems can cause tooth pain. Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that relieves pain caused by an infected or abscessed tooth. Book an appointment to solve the all your issues.

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